Patient Story: Cardiology

Case Study

David is in his 60s, he is generally healthy but has recently been feeling short of breath.


David’s GP books him for a routine ECG and sends it to the cardiology service for interpretation.
The clinician interpreting the ECG finds he has Atrial Fibrillation and books him straight in for an appointment at the community cardiology service.


A GP with a special interest in cardiology looks and the referral and decides he needs an echocardiogram.
David attends the practice and has an echo performed the next week.
He then sees the GPSI who assesses him the same day based on his test results.


The GPSI starts David on anticoagulants to minimise the risk of stroke.
His medication is optimised so that he no longer feels short of breath and is able to return to full health.


David is able to continue his active life as normal.
As 50% of AF patient suffer a stroke, quick treatment is imperative in achieving a positive outcome.


The practice will now be able to keep an eye on David and ensure his health does not decline.