Patient Story: Gynaecology

Case Study

Mrs M is a 50 year old lady with 1 year history of vaginal itching. Mrs M’s GP referred her to the community gynaecology service along with all relevant clinical history.


She has had multiple presentations to her GP.
Numerous investigations and treatments all of which have unfortunately not been effective.
Her symptoms have impacted on her relationship and her mood.


She was referred to the Community Gynaecology service for a second opinion as her symptoms were persistent.
She was given a face to face appointment within 1 week of referral.


Mrs M really appreciated the opportunity to talk to a specialist doctor so quickly and have the chance to explain how much this had impacted on her life.
Thorough history and examination plan was made.
A management plan was formulated with Mrs M.


A telephone consultation was made to reassess how Mrs M had responded to her treatment.
She was delighted with the service and keen to recommend the service to others.


Mrs M’s GP is able to directly email the service for Advice & Guidance should Mrs M require specialist advice in the future.