Patient Study: Cardiology

Case Study

Sadique is a independent 80 year old man. He is retired and cares for himself, driving to the practice.


Sadique is referred to the cardiology service by his GP as he has been getting dizzy spells.
The cardiologist triages the referral and recommends that the patient has an 24hour ECG and an Echocardiogram. Sadique has the investigations and is booked in the next week with an appointment with the consultant.


It is suspected the patient may have intermittent heart block and is therefore at serious risk of a heart attack.
The consultant takes the patient’s case to the MDT meeting at the local acute hospital where the patient is discussed.


It is agreed at the MDT that the patient is indeed going into heart block and needs urgent treatment.
Sadique is booked in at the hospital for a pacemaker and angiogram.
The results of the echo also show the patient has aortic stenosis and needs keyhole surgery.


Due to appropriate work up and strong integration with secondary care, Sadique is able to be treated quickly and have TAVI (keyhole surgery) promptly without repetition of investigations and treatment.
Access to investigations in the community meant Sadique could be fast tracked as his clinical need is very high.


Sadique will be able to have the life saving surgery and treatment he needs to continue being independent.