Community Cardiology Services

Modality Community cardiology Services

Service Information

Our Community Cardiology service is led by a GP with an Extended Role in Cardiology and has a team of cardiology consultants and GP Fellows who work in collaboration to deliver a fully integrated cardiology service with local secondary providers.

Our cardiology service is structured to deliver a ‘one-stop-shop’ system, to avoid unnecessary patient follow-ups, reduce patient travel and enable more rapid clinical assessment.

Inclusion Criteria

– Palpations including AF
– Suspected Heart Failure with BNP (400 to 2000)
– Hypertension
– Chest pain that does not fit rapid access referral criteria

Exclusion Criteria

– Heart failure with BNP >2000
– Malignant hypertension

Diagnostics Provided

– Echocardiogram
– Electrocardiogram
– 24 hour BP monitoring
– Holter monitors

Referral method

Referrals should be made using the standard referral template, emailed to