Community Respiratory Services

Modality Community Respiratory Services

Service Information

Our respiratory service is led by a GP with Extended Role in Respiratory Medicine, supported by a respiratory consultant, a GP with a special interest in respiratory medicine, nurses with advanced respiratory training, and healthcare assistants certified to provide high-quality respiratory diagnostic testing.

Our service is structured using a one-stop-shop model, to provide patients with an accurate diagnosis, appropriate management plan, and detailed education all within one appointment where possible.

Inclusion Criteria

  • Adults and children aged 5 and over with:​
    • Suspected asthma for diagnosis
    • Suspected COPD for diagnosis
    • Asthma or COPD with worsening symptoms or disease control
    • Chronic cough
    • Chronic breathlessness

Exclusion Criteria

  • Children aged under 5 with:
    • Suspected cancer
    • Suspected tuberculosis, sleep apnoea, occupational asthma, or other conditions, where referring to local sub-specialist clinics is advised
    • Housebound patients as we do not currently have the ability to provide home visits

Diagnostics Provided

  • Lung function testing including spirometry
  • Reversibility testing
  • Fractional inhaled nitric oxide (FeNO)
  • Peak flow testing
  • Chest X-ray
  • Sputum tests
  • Direct access to further tests provided by local secondary providers, including:
    • Full lung function tests including gas transfer and lung volumes
    • Bronchial provocation challenge tests
    • CT scanning,

Referral method

Referrals should be made using the standard referral template, emailed to

Our service is also available on eRS – search “modality respiratory”. Please note the service shows as a referral for assessment, as all patients are triaged and if accepted then booked in by the service for face to face consultation.